Nutritional Service

To fuel, repair and prevent injury, our body will need the right nutrition at the right times. This applies to managing your weight, be it fat loss or muscle gain, and also to aid and accelerate the body’s own healing processes.

So in order for you to get the utmost from your sport, to be able to perform to your potential and to facilitate your recovery, be it from injury or intense training, along with common allergies and conditions from Arthritis & Type II Diabetes, Hay Fever to Gout, we have you covered with our 3 stage bespoke treatment approach for your specific requirements.

We are all very different and one size does not fit all;

What We Offer

The hree-stage approach: Stages 1,2 & 3: £110.00

The two-stage approach: Stages 1&2: £75.00

Stage 1

Initial consultation, approx 15 min, is via phone or email to assess your individual goals or specific requirements. You will be asked to keep a daily food diary for a minimum of 5 days including a weekend, logging down everything you eat and drink and at what times. We will also need to be aware of any medication and supplements you presently taking.

Stage 2

On receiving your diary via email or dropping it into the clinic, it will be analysed prior to our first consultation.  At this first meeting we will provide you with Key dietary and lifestyle recommendations, in order to kick start you towards your sports/health goals and aims, this will last around 60 minutes.

Stage 3

A follow-up session is then conducted approximately one month later, to direct you toward a sustainable approach for you to achieve your individual requirements, again around 60 minutes. We then determine what is working for you and where we can improve our initial recommendations, in order to make sure you can sustain the dietary changes made.

Other topics we can advise on:

All these topics as well as clients simply looking for advice and to be directed on the best way forward ( no food diary required ) Can be discussed in a one off consultation £40 45 minutes. 

Hydration: Hypotonic, Isotonic, Hypertonic or just plain water?

Protein: How much is enough, too much and when and which type is best?

Low Carb or high fat:  Which should I be doing, if either?

Sugars: Types? Artificial?

Supplementation: Vitamins, which ones and dosage?

Natural remedies: Food types, herbs and spices?

Vegans and Vegetarians: Are you fuelling your body with the right or enough proteins?

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to book a consultation then please call or email the clinic and Phil will be happy to contact you.